Giant Kit Kat Bar!! Only about 36,000 calories haha


Kit Kat BarBreak me off a piece of THAT Kit Kat bar! So easy to make too!

Depending on the size of your rectangle container, ingredient amounts will vary.

You’ll need at least 30 large chocolate bars to melt down.

Also at least 6 packages of vanilla wafers.

Cut out the Kit Kat letters, backwards, out of a thick material and secure to the bottom of the container.

Melt down the chocolate. Fill the container about an inch.

Start layering the wafers about a half inch in from sides and an inch in from the ends. Stack 5 or 6 wafers high.

Once all wafers are placed, carefully pour the remaining chocolate into the container. Make sure no wafers are peaking through.

Place in fridge overnight or at least 8 hrs to harden.

Carefully turn over after completely set and enjoy!!!!

DIY Tutu Easter Baskets

Tutu Easter Baskets for under $10!!!

Start with any basket that you can weave into the top of.

Buy any color tulle fabric, cut into strips, and cut it to whatever length you’d want the tutu to fall.

Take a strip, make a loop, making sure the bottoms are even.

Pull the loop through the top of the basket just enough to fit the even bottoms through the loop. Pull tight

Repeat your pattern until done! :)

Pretty easy right???


Bird Nest Cookies!!

Bird Nest Cookies


Bird Nest Cookies!!! So simple to make…

Melt together in the microwave in 30 sec intervals until melted:

-6 ounces (1/2 bag) of semi-sweet chocolate chips & 6 ounces (1/2 bag) of butterscotch chips

Add 1 cup creamy peanut butter to melted mixture until all blended.

Stir in 6 ounces (1/2 of a large bag) of chow mein noodles.

Use a large spoon, mold the mixture into the bottom of a greased muffin tin, indenting the tops slightly with the back of the spoon. (You can also just spoon them onto wax paper, though they will spread slightly)

Place 3 mini candy eggs of your choice in the nest and let harden in the fridge for about an hour :)