DIY Tutu Easter Baskets

Tutu Easter Baskets for under $10!!!

Start with any basket that you can weave into the top of.

Buy any color tulle fabric, cut into strips, and cut it to whatever length you’d want the tutu to fall.

Take a strip, make a loop, making sure the bottoms are even.

Pull the loop through the top of the basket just enough to fit the even bottoms through the loop. Pull tight

Repeat your pattern until done! :)

Pretty easy right???



Here are some great ideas to make your Easter celebration one to remember! :)

Easter snacks

Make your child a fun Easter lunch! Just use an empty 6 or 12 egg carton and fill it with plastic eggs. Place a little snack in each one! They will love it! I bet they’d also be the coolest kid in class ;)

Peeps Sunflower Cake

Make your favorite Chocolate cake recipe and frost it. Then, line the top of the cake with yellow peeps and the center with chocolate chips!


If you have any leftover Peeps from creating our last couple of projects, put together a beautiful Easter candy bouquet for a loved one!

Peeps Bouquet Step Outs