Teddy Bear Omelette

This breakfast will certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face first thing in the morning!

Ingredients for assembly:

  • Plain Omelette (blanket)
  • Cooked Brown Rice (bear)
  • 1 Sausage link (body)

Step 1- Mold warm rice into balls. Two small balls for the ears and one larger one for the head. You can also mold an arm if desired. For snout, you can use either white rice or a small piece of mozzarella cheese.

Step 2- Cook your sausage link. Once fully cooked, place sausage under Teddy bear rice head.

Step 3- Cook up omelette. Once done to satisfaction, gently lay atop sausage up to the “neck”. You can also use a piece of the omelette for the egg. I made this dish again and made a mini pancake as the pillow.


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50 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Omelette

  1. That is so cute! My daughter would love that, but not the rice. I wonder if you could do the whole thing with sausage

  2. oh my goodness this is the cutest thing i have ever seen wrapped in egg!! :D it even has a heart in ketchup! and a pillow! even though I’m practically a vegetarian this is totally converting me to the ways of the sausage if it means I can have a teady bear in my lunch!! :D :D :D

    please make more things like this. maybe you would be interested in exploring Japanese Bento boxes? they often come super cute like this :)

  3. OMG, this is the most adorable thing I’ve seen to eat. I wish you would have posted it about 15 years ago when I was trying to get my picky-eater son to eat! He’s 23 now. Maybe, it’s not too late. . . .

  4. All the rest told you it was sooo cute. Even the first one up there said Dam cute. I am here to tell you that is imagination. I would like the IHOP to do that. But they won’t. You are the Einstein of food creation. Your blog is amazing. You have a lot going for you here. Keep it up.

    Thanks for view my blog. I appreciate your comments and readership.
    Look forward to your future posts.

    Chef Randall

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