Fun Crafts for Kids!

Summertime is such a fun time for kids. Finally out of school and get to play all day! Though I know it takes a little more umph to get them off of that couch away from the tv! Here are some simple crafts to put those young imaginations to work!

Summertime Bird Feeder

You will need:

          -1 empty juice/milk carton

           -Miscellaneous twigs and natural materials

           -Variety of decorations(buttons, fabric, cutouts etc)

           -1 pair of scissors

           -non-toxic paint, markers


           -string to hang(optional)

           -Bag of birdseed

Step 1-Wash out carton, dry off, set aside

Step 2-Cut out an opening(s) for the birds to feast. Make sure when you make the hole that it is large enough for a bird (at least 3 1/3″x 3 1/2″)

(If you are going to hang it, now would be the time to make a hole on the top ridge of the carton, do not obstruct with decorations)

Step 3-Double check the carton is completely dry and start decorating!!

Step 4-Let decorations dry, fill with birdseed.

Step 5-Sit back and get ready for some bird watching.

Melted Crayon Art

Now this art project is beyond awesome! Not only will your kids love it but I know you grown ups will too.

You Will Need:

            -Box of new crayons(I’d recommend at least a 64 pack for the most color options)

            – White Painters Canvas(Do not use poster board because it is too smooth)

            -Glue gun

            -Hair dryer

            -Silhouette cut out (optional)

Step 1- Pick out what colors you will want for your creation. I usually take off the papers on the crayons because it looks a little better but it’s up to you.

Step 2-Start gluing down your crayons tightly side by side, point down, onto your canvas.(as shown in pic)If you are incorporating an image into your masterpiece, apply it now.

Step 3-Once gluing is complete and set, start blow drying away. This takes a little bit of time. When it is to your liking, let it dry.

Step 4-After it is done drying, cool to the touch, hang and display!!

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